Copyright statutes benefit society by providing incentive to produce original works, so some kind of copyright statut...

tori06koto on January 5, 2020

B vs E

I was stuck between B and E. I see how E is the correct answer but how can I eliminate B as an option? My reasoning for thinking B would be correct is that the conditions that originally justified the statute is for the production of original works ( benefit > cost). The statute then no longer is justified because of monopolies and length of these statutes (cost > benefit). Benefit no longer outweighs cost, original justification no longer holds true so it should be repealed. I appreciate any help!

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Skylar on January 5, 2020

@tori06koto, maybe I can help.

(B) can be eliminated because it is overly strong and specific. Most importantly, (B) is focused on repealing statutes, which is out of scope of the passage. The passage is only concerned with whether or not a statute is ultimately justified, not whether or not a statute should be repealed.

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions and best of luck with your studies!