The author uses the word "immediacy" (line 39) most likely in order to express

Ziena on January 5, 2020

S&N Questions always form of facts? or can they be arguments too?

In the examples, I am seeing that most "stories" are in the form of facts not argument. If not, please add a link to a question which is in the form of an argument.. might just have missed it.

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Skylar on January 6, 2020

@haternz, thanks for your question.

S -> N statements can be used in passages that are arguments as well as in passages that are facts. You can look to Example 2, Example 6, and Example 8 in our Sufficient and Necessary video lesson to see instances of S -> N statements being used to make arguments.

Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions or would like more examples.