Increasing the electrical load carried on a transmission line increases the line's temperature, and too great a load ...

tomgbean on January 5, 2020

C vs. E

Why is C better than E?

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shunhe on January 6, 2020

Hi @tomgbean,

Thanks for the question. The problem with (E) is that nothing in the premises tell us that any of the effects (wind and electrical load) change the maximum operating temperature itself. These effects can change the actual temperature of the transmission line, which might make it closer to or further from the maximum operating temperature. But nowhere are we told that the maximum operating temperature itself changes, and so we have to eliminate (E).

(C), on the other hand, is correct because we can generally conclude that as wind speed increases, the line can carry a higher electrical load, since the wind will help decrease the temperature. This means that the line will be able to carry a higher electrical load before it hits its maximum operating temperature. Hope this helps!