If the horse remains found at the Botai sites had consisted primarily of the bones of fully grown females and young m...

Mary on January 7, 2020

Please explain

I am struggling with this question and would appreciate an explanation!


on January 19, 2020

Hello @Mary-Saxon,

In what situation would the female horses be allowed to reach maturity, but the male horses would be killed at a young age?

Take a look at the beginning of the second paragraph. "Herders of domesticated animals used for meat or milk typically kill off all but a few males before they are fully mature, but not the females..."

This matches our question perfectly. This would support the hypothesis that horses were domesticated for meat or for milk. In other words, they were domesticated, but not for riding. This is why answer choice C is correct.

on January 14, 2021

Thank you for this explanation!