If an issue of the newsletter has no technology feature and if there is a finance feature that occupies both slots 4 ...

Anna on January 8, 2020

Why is A the correct answer?

I am confused as to why A is the answer - one of the rules says that if you have more than one feature, it has to be consecutive. If we have F in slot 1 it does abide by the first rule that if you have F or T, that one of the two has to be in slot 1. However, I am confused as to why B is not the answer - if you have F in slot 2 or 3 doesn't that guarantee that you can have F in 1 as a result of the consecutiveness?

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Shunhe on January 8, 2020

Hi @AnnaC,

Thanks for asking! This question is a bit weirdly worded. Basically, the first rule tells us that features that occupy more than one slot must occupy consecutively numbered slots. But there can still be two different features of the same type - so we can have two finance features (perhaps one's on stocks and the other is on bonds). We know there's a finance feature in slots four and five and no technology feature, so there has to be a finance feature in slot 1 based on the second rule, which makes (A) the correct answer. We don't need to connect slot 1 with slots 4-5, so (B) isn't necessarily true. Hope this helps!

Julianna on September 24, 2020

I have a general question about the game setup here. How did you know that you have multiple features of from the same issue type? I thought that even though you could repeat issue types,
making it to "three" would include three DIFFERENT issue types. So, I thought that F I G FF would be invalid, but in actuality it is valid.

I did not deduce this, and this was the reason that I missed a lot of questions from this game.

Andrew on September 23, 2022

Hi Shunhe, to Anna's point, we know F has to be in slot one which makes 3 F's but since there is still more than one, to ensure both Fs have a partner, wouldn't there have to be another in slot 2?

Emil on December 18 at 08:05PM

Hi, the second F does not need to have a partner. We could have F, Graphic, I/M/F, F (4 and 5)