The author uses the word "immediacy" (line 39) most likely in order to express

naty0405 on January 8, 2020


for question 5 letter c , do you atutomatically write the compund statement? because i have (notM and I ----> not dfw) and the contra would be ( dfw----->M or Not I) i dont undrestand why you write it as (notM or not I ----> not dfw), thats basically only negating the I and keeping the same format instead of negating and reversing.

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Skylar on January 19, 2020

@naty0405, happy to help!

(C) states, "If the electorate is not moral and intelligent, then a democracy will not function well." This is diagrammed as: Not M and I -> Not DFW. Your diagram is correct.

When the video writes out "Not M or Not I -> Not DFW," it is NOT diagramming (C). Instead, it is restating the contrapositive of the original diagram we made from the passage.

It restates this in order to show that Not M is individually sufficient to conclude Not DFW. So since we have Not M in (C), we can conclude Not DFW.

Does that make sense? Please reach out with any additional questions!