Klein: The fact that the amount of matter that we have found in our galaxy is only one-tenth of what Einstein's theor...

Milica Gligic on January 8, 2020

Why is D correct?

Answer D states that "The failure to find all of the matter predicted by Einstein's theory should lead us to abandon it." It is obvious that Brown would disagree with this statement, but I am not sure that Klein's language suggests that the theory must find ALL of the matter predicted in order not to be discarded. I can easily see how Klein would agree with the statement if word "All" was substituted with "Most". This answer looked better than the other answers so I picked it, but I do not fully understand why it is correct. Could someone help explain? Thanks

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Annie on January 9, 2020

Hi @Milica Gligic,

This question is a bit of an odd one as logical reasoning questions are not commonly phrased in this manner. It's asking you to read the statements from Klein and Brown and determine what they do not agree on.

Answer choice (D) is correct because it is the best answer. You are correct the Brown would clearly disagree with the statement, but that it is harder to determine if Klein would agree with it. I agree with your analysis that if this said "most" it would be an easy question. However, it is also true that Klein will agree with the statement reading "all." Klein is focused on the idea that we have not found the amount of matter predicted by Einstein. Both his statement in the prompt, and the answer choice (D) highlight this, and therefore it is correct.

Before getting bogged down in answer choices sometimes it's best just to see what others you can eliminate. The other options here were all pretty easy to eliminate, and you could therefore get there by power of elimination (as it seems you did- well done!).