The passage provides the strongest support for inferring that Lessing holds which one of the following views?

Vanessa-Ratcliff on January 8, 2020

Example 4

How are we supposed to know the types of flaws? From life?From reading?

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SamA on January 17, 2020

Hello @Vanessa-Ratcliff,

This example is from the flawed parallel reasoning lesson. I would go back to the lesson titled "errors in reasoning." There, Mehran discusses an example of each of the 12 most common types of reasoning errors found on the test. I would make a list of these 12 and try to identify them when they appear on a practice test.

As for this question, example 4, be careful with biased arguments. In this case, the conclusion is flawed because it is totally dependent on a biased party. We have reason to believe it might not be true. However, bias is not enough to say for certain that the conclusion is false. To conclude that the thieves definitely entered at or above ground level would also be a flaw. We cannot conclude the opposite of what someone said, on the grounds that they might be biased.