Which one of the following, if substituted for the condition that Kuno cannot be a nominee for councillor, would have...

Jonathan on January 9 at 05:28AM

Logic Games

How do you solve these types of logic game questions?

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Irina on January 10 at 12:43AM


To answer the substitution question, you have to look at the effect of the original rule and see which of the answer rules would result in the same inference. For this game, we have 6 people - F G H J K L - that are nominated to 4 posts - M T C C.

The rules tell us that:
(1) F/G or neither
(2) H(c) - > J (m)
~J(m) -> ~H (c)
(3) T = F v H
(4) K = ~C
This last rule tells us that K can neither be a nominee for C nor for T per rule 3, hence if he is one of the nominees, he could only be a nominee for M (answer choice E)