Given the passage's argument, which one of the following sentences most logically completes the last paragraph?

Taiyou on January 9 at 01:06PM

E not D? May I ask why?

Isn't this passage talks about the take of the Philips Abram's on the sociology? Why does the correct answer choice is E?

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Annie on January 16 at 05:20PM

Hi @DavidClimber,

(E) is correct because it sums up the last paragraph. This paragraph talks about Abram's use of structuring and and his four step approach to it. As lines 39-45, we see that the paragraph is about how humans and history converge. This sentence just restates those ideas.

(D) is incorrect because the passage is not about how traditional sociologists are wrong, but rather just about Abrams approach. While there is a brief reference to traditional sociologists in the first paragraph, there are none in the last paragraph, and this sentence is concluding the last paragraph.