Camille: Manufacturers of water-saving faucets exaggerate the amount of money such faucets can save. Because the fau...

Silvia on January 9, 2020

"Takes for Granted"

Hi LSAT Max, Many of us are a bit confused by the wording, "takes for granted". How should we approach question stems with this particular phrasing? What exactly is the question asking us to do and what is meant by "takes for granted"? Thanks so much!

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Annie on January 16, 2020

HI @Silvia,

"Takes for granted" just means "assumes." This question is saying "The reasoning in Rebecca's argument is questionable in that she is assuming that...."

(B) is correct because Rebecca is assuming that she can't both save money and the manufacturers' claims can't be exaggerated. For instance, what if Rebecca saved $20 on her bill but the manufacturer told people that they would save $40. Then, both of these statements would be true, so Rebecca's argument would fail.

James on July 25, 2020

Thanks for bringing this up! Looking at it that way makes the correct answer much more obvious.