If RealProp owns only class 2 buildings after some number of trades, which one of the following must be true?

on January 10 at 01:19AM

Answer Choice (A)

Is answer choice (A) supposed to say TrustCorp? I think there is a mistake in the text which led me to the incorrect answer. If I am wrong, I would love an explanation to this question. Thank you.

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on January 10 at 01:30AM

I mistook "rustcorp" for incorrectly representing "RealProp" since it began with the letter R.

Ben on January 14 at 11:20PM

Hi JShahar, thanks for bringing this up.

Really sorry that a typo caused you to lose a point. Hopefully, you were still able to work through the question properly afterward. I will make sure to inform the team so that this can be fixed.

Best of luck with the rest of your studies!

Emma on March 9 at 03:41PM

Hello, I just wanted to inform you that the typo has not been fixed.