Passage B differs from passage A in that passage B is more

Ashley on January 10, 2020

Question 4

I understand and see the point of disagreement in answer choice E, but couldn't we say that Tina implicitly disagrees with answer choice B when she mentions the cause ("...linkage probably due to the European Renaissance...")? Isn't she disagreeing with the fact that oceans have ALWAYS been viewed as such?

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on January 10, 2020

Hello @aahn,

This is a good example because it demonstrates the level of detail that we must to pay attention to when comparing two arguments. We want to know exactly what each person is saying.

We know that Sergio would agree with B. For B to be correct, Tina would have to disagree with it. Does Tina mention the mysterious and unpredictable nature of the ocean? No. We have no idea if she agrees or disagrees that the ocean has always been viewed that way.

If she did agree with it, her argument could still stand. Even if she acknowledges that the ocean has always been viewed as mysterious and unpredictable, it doesn't affect her argument about the link to eccentricity. These things do not conflict. She could still argue that this link began with the European Renaissance period. We cannot conclude that she disagrees with B.