The author of passage A mentions public participation (lines 30-32) primarily in order to

bb427 on January 12, 2020

Question re public participation

Was the key to this question the word some as a quantifier juxtaposed against a factor in the correct answer? Else, how to deduce and move it away from public as a reference to government? Thank you.

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SamA on January 16, 2020

Hello @bb427,

On line 29, the author claims that "some" computing projects as discussed in the passage have been successful. What did these successful projects all have in common? Sufficient public interest. The author is trying to say that this public interest is necessary for this crowd-sourced project. This is the factor that is referenced in answer choice B. Without it, the computing model in question would not be feasible.

I didn't see any mention of the government in this passage. By "public interest," I took them to mean the public at large.