Many economists claim that financial rewards provide the strongest incentive for people to choose one job over anothe...

spruisy on January 13, 2020


Can you explain this one please? I'm having trouble seeing how C is the answer

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Ravi on January 14, 2020


Let's take a look at (C).

The stem is asking us to pick an answer choice that'll weaken the argument.

According to economists, money is the biggest motivating factor when
someone is picking a job. However, a survey showed that other things
are more important to people than salary, so the argument concludes
that the economists are mistaken.

In looking at the argument, it's true that the survey takers did not
state that a high salary was the single most important factor in their
decision, but just because they didn't name it to be the most
desirable component of a job does not prove that the economists are
wrong. In addition to salary, there are all sorts of other financial
benefits that may come with a job, including healthcare, free food,
free transportation, etc. Put together, all of these factors could end
up being the most important thing to people when looking at different

(C) says, "Jobs that pay the same salary often vary considerably in
their other financial benefits."

(C) looks great, as the phrase "other financial benefits" points out
that there are things other than salary that are related to financial
benefits, and that these things could be very important to people.
This casts doubt on the author's conclusion because the author's
conclusion is only looking at salary, and this shows there are other
financial considerations in addition to salary. Thus, (C) is the
correct answer choice.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions!