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Mazen on January 16 at 07:41PM

Quantifier Video Example #6: (diagraming the sentence with "only."

Hello, Is it wrong to diagram the sentence "Only a few always do their own research before investing" in the necessary-sufficient format as such: R -----> F ("R" symbolizing research; and "F" symbolizing few)?

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Mazen on January 16 at 07:53PM

In other words, "all investor that do their own research before investing are always few."

Thank you

Ravi on January 17 at 10:15PM


That isn't correct, because it's not capturing that 'only a few' of
those people are doing something. The fact that 'only a few' is
mentioned means that this statement will be a 'some' statement. The
correct way to diagram this statement is

ISM< - some - >R

This means that some (only a few) people who invest in the stock
market always do research of their own before investing.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions!