Real estate agent: Upon selling a home, the sellers are legally entitled to remove any items that are not permanent ...

shafieiava on January 17, 2020

E versus A

Can someone explain why answer choice E is incorrect? I thought that the term indicated in some way was more clear than answer choice A which uses the idea that the home sellers are keeping the furniture, and whether the home owners are keeping the items or not is never mentioned in the stimulus. This was why I chose E over A.

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SamA on January 17, 2020

Hello @shafieiava,

Here is the problem with answer choice E. The moral argument set forth by the real estate agent does not depend on the sellers having indicated that an appliance is included. Many buyers are going to assume the appliances are included, even if it was never indicated. The agent's argument still applies. The obligation is to indicate that the appliances are not included, because people might assume the opposite, even if not specifically told. The agent never says that a seller has the obligation to leave an appliance in the home. This is why E is incorrect.

The real estate agent's argument is about "sellers who will be keeping the appliances," so answer choice A is applicable.