If there are any inspired performances in the concert, the audience will be treated to a good show. But there will n...

Joyce on January 17 at 10:27PM

Why not B?

When I diagrammed the question I got IPC => GS => SL => UMR. For B I have not UMR => not GS Even with the contrapositive of it being not UMR => not SL => not GS => not IPC it has the possibility to be B as well. Why was the answer A and not B?

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Victoria on January 18 at 12:52AM

Hi Joyce,

Your diagrams of both the passage and the contrapositive are correct!

Remember that 'if' introduces a sufficient condition.

With that in mind, we can reorder the sentence so it is easier to follow re S&N diagramming:

If the audience will not be treated to a good show, no people who understand their musical roots will be in the audience


Not GS - > Not UMR

This diagram does not match the contrapositive, so the answer cannot be (B).

Comparatively, answer choice (A) reads: if there are no sophisticated listeners in the audience, then there will be no inspired musical performances in the concert


Not SL - > Not IPC which we can derive using the transitive property from the contrapositive

Hope this is helpful! Please let us know if you have any further questions.