Nutritionists believe that a person's daily requirement for vitamins can readily be met by eating five servings of fr...

SorooshKosha on January 18, 2020

B vs D

Hey, I initially went with B, and after a review came to understand fully why D is the correct answer here. However, I still cannot fully understand why B cannot be correct; I thought to myself that even if somebody consumed far less than the required 5 servings, but consumed fruits and vegetables with considerably more nutrients, they could still possibly reach the quota required. Any explanation would truly be appreciated!

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SamA on January 20, 2020

Hello @SorooshKosha,

This is tricky, I grappled with B for a while. Here are my problems with it.

First, this variation is likely something that the nutritionists factored into their calculations. The five servings a day seems to be an average, including fruits and vegetables of various nutrition levels. The phrase "far less" leads me to believe that it is unlikely that people are meeting their vitamin requirements with a much smaller amount of super-nutritious fruits. Even if a few people are able to do so, it doesn't weaken the argument as much as D does.

If you aren't convinced by that, there is also a difference between vitamins and nutrients. We are talking specifically about vitamins, and nutrients could include things like protein, carbohydrates, etc.

SorooshKosha on January 24, 2020

Thanks a lot!