Columnist: If you received an unsigned letter, you would likely have some doubts about the truth of its contents. Bu...

Alex on January 20, 2020

Please Explain why B is Incorrect

I understand why A is correct, but B does bring up two similar situations, and I took the reference to the "latter" situation to be the one that the author's reference to trusting news stories.

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Ravi on January 20, 2020


Let's look at (B).

(B) says, "drawing an analogy between an attitude commonly adopted in
one situation and a different attitude commonly adopted in another
situation, and establishing that the latter attitude is better
justified than the former"

The problem with (B) is that there aren't different attitudes; rather,
the author believes that one should feel the same way about the two
situations. Thus we can get rid of this choice, as it's not correctly
explaining how the columnist is proceeding with her argument.

Does that make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!