In practice the government will have the last word on what an individual's rights are, because its police will do wha...

mahosmar on January 20, 2020

Identifying Conclusion

I mistakenly associated the first sentence as the conclusion. Could you please explain why the second sentence is the conclusion? thanks!

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Ravi on January 20, 2020


Let's take a look.

The first sentence about the government having the last word is simply
describing things as they are. It is not supported by anything, nor
does it provide support for anything. It's just giving the reader
context and background information. The next sentence is the
conclusion because it provides us with the author's opinion that the
government is not necessarily right. The fact that the second sentence
starts with "but" is key in knowing that it's some sort of conclusion.
When we read on to the third sentence, we see that the third sentence
is providing support for the second sentence, assuring us that the
second sentence is the conclusion of this argument.

Does that make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!