Marisa: Existing zoning regulations must be loosened; in some places the restrictions on development are now so prohi...

on January 21, 2020

B vs D

I will appreciate an explanation for this. Will like to know how this two options differ. Thank you so much

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Annie on January 21, 2020

Hi @toyalli,

(D) is correct because Marisa and Tyne are using the term "value" in two different ways. Marisa uses "value" to refer to monetary value and says that the zoning regulations are making undeveloped property decrease in monetary value. In contrast, Tyne uses "value" to refer to symbolic value, saying that rezoning regulations are necessary to preserve the symbolic value of undeveloped land.

(E) is incorrect because Tyne does not question how Marissa uses "significantly" (he doesn't use the word himself). Marisa uses "significantly" to mean a lot, saying that the regulations will reduce property values by a lot. Tyne does not question this meaning, but rather the underlying issue of what type of value is being changed.

Annie on January 21, 2020

Sorry, the answer got cut off on the last one.

(B) is incorrect because both Marisa and Tyne use "development" to refer to construction and the development of buildings. While they happen to disagree on whether this development is a good or bad thing, they are using the term in the same way.