The author uses the word "immediacy" (line 39) most likely in order to express

hkolon on January 24, 2020

Example #7 - Either/or

When this video was going over the rules, I wrote down that "either/or" statements indicate that at least 1 variable (x or y) must exist. However, I also wrote down that these statements raise the possibility that both x and y could be present. In example 7, this is not gone over. Could someone clear up this confusion for me? Thank you!

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SamA on January 24, 2020

Hello @hkolon,

You are correct that either/or does include the possibility of both, unless explicitly stated otherwise (either/or but not both). That principle stands for example 7, but Mehran doesn't mention it on every example. It is great that you remembered this from the lesson, so don't forget that "both" is possible. However, it doesn't end up being relevant on example 7.