If Greed is shown exactly three times, Harvest is shown exactly twice, and Limelight is shown exactly once, then whic...

bgw1 on January 28, 2020


Why not A?

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Skylar on January 28, 2020

@bgw1, happy to help.

We are looking for the answer choice that MUST always be true if G is shown 3 times, H is shown 2 times, and L is shown 1 time.

Below is one possible valid scenario in which the above restrictions are met and no rules are violated
T: G H
F: H G
S: L G

Answer choice (A) states that "all three films are shown on Thursday." However, only two films are shown on Thursday in the above scenario. Therefore, it does not always have to be true that all three films are shown on Thursday, and (A) is eliminated.

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions!