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HannahNg on January 29, 2020

Reversing Argument Structure

Argument Structure video question 7 mentioned about Reversing Argument Structure. Can sb explain more about this reversing? Thanks!

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SamA on January 30, 2020

Hello @HannahNg,

Conclusion: It is unlikely that the world will ever be free of disease.


Premise: Because microorganisms quickly evolve immunities to medicine.

I use a question-and-answer strategy to help me identify the parts of an argument. The conclusion will often leave us asking, "Why?" It will require support. The premises are that support. They answer the questions left by the conclusion.

Reversing the argument is making the mistake of believing that the conclusion supports the premises. It is supposed to be the other way around. This is why C is incorrect. C has both parts of the argument, but it misunderstands their roles.

The first sentence is not a premise in support of the immunity claim.

The immunity claim is a premise in support of the first sentence!

This is the reversal that Mehran is talking about.