Politician: Our government's Ministry of the Environment issues scientific assessments of the ecological impacts of i...

shonlumon on January 30, 2020


can someone explain why this is wrong?

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Annie on January 31, 2020


This question is asking you to find the answer choice which most helps to justify the argument, aka the one which most strengthens the argument.

(A) is incorrect because it does not support the idea that the health ministry should not issue scientific assessments in a way that is related to the issues with the environment ministry. Instead, this answer choice simply says the scientific assessments would be unnecessary. There is nothing in the argument regarding them being unnecessary.

(B) is correct. The argument tells us the ministry of environment issues bad assessments because politics make them inaccurate. Then, recommends that the health ministry shouldn't issue assessments because politics will make them inaccurate. This answer choice provides a principle explaining this pattern, aka that assessments should only be issued if they are accurate.

(C) is incorrect because it is off topic. This answer choice focuses on the political pressure when the argument is about issuing assessments.

(D) is incorrect because it goes against the recommendation. The argument says that the health ministry should not issue assessments, and this answer choice says that ministries sometimes should. So, this does not help justify the recommendation.

(E) is incorrect because it is again off topic. It does not explain why assessments shouldn't be issued, but rather talks about what the ministry should do.