Environmentalist: When bacteria degrade household cleaning products, vapors that are toxic to humans are produced. U...

Alyona on February 3 at 03:38AM

Why not B?

Hi team, could you please explain why the correct answer is not B, I mean how would I check it using negation test? What is the logical opposite of this question? I clearly see (with my second guess) why A is correct, but I want to be able to exclude the wrong answers properly. Thank you.

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Annie on February 3 at 05:21PM

Hi @Alyona1983,

(B) is incorrect because it states that toxic vapors are the only issue that may hurt humans when landfills are turned into parks. But, the argument does not require this to be the case as it only says that it is a thing which harms humans. To negate it, you would say that "converting a landfill into a public park could cause other damage to human health beyond just toxic vapors being produced." This would not hurt the argument, so the argument does not depend on this assumption.

Alyona on February 5 at 08:55PM

Thank you, Annie. Seems like I need to learn how to negate statements with "unless" in it more effectively.