As it is presented in the passage, the approach to history taken by mainstream U.S. historians of the late nineteenth...

joedonnelly840 on February 4, 2020


Should I actually be writing down all that is written down in the video? It seems that there is no way I'll be able to do that and actually have time on the real LSAT.

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SamA on February 4, 2020

Hello @joedonnelly840,

Your response is normal for someone beginning to practice logic games. All of the diagrams and inferences can seem daunting at first. However, thorough diagramming is the only way to finish a game on time. It may seem like it's taking too long, but you will see that it is worth it when you breeze through the questions. In the videos, Mehran is moving slowly and explaining all of the steps so that we can follow along. On the real test, this setup process will have to be much faster.

As you practice diagramming, you will become faster and more confident in what you've written down. It is better to over-diagram in your practice rather than under-diagram. Don't worry about speed at first. Once you are comfortable with setting up your logic games, you will know what you do and do not need to diagram. After that, you can focus on speed.

I needed a lot of practice before I could finish games on time. It is ok to start slow.

joedonnelly840 on February 6, 2020

Ok, thank you for your reply.