The author describes the socioeconomic flux of the turn–of–the–century United States in the third paragraph primarily...

Alyona1983 on February 5, 2020

Why not B?

The third paragraph talks about social and cultural aspects of the environment, while D addresses only cultural one. Could you please explain why not B is the correct answer? Thank you, alyona

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shunhe on February 7, 2020

Hi @Alyona1983,

Thanks for the question! This question is asking for the primary purpose of including the description of the socioeconomic flux of the turn-of-the-century United States. This primary purpose isn’t anything to do with the fusion of the African and European dance forms. We can see in that paragraph, it’s cited as a reason that the cakewalk became so popular, which is in line with (D). It can’t be (B), since it’s not really detailing this social context (focusing specifically on the fusion of African and European dance forms) at all. In fact, it doesn’t mention satire at all, which is the reason that these two dance forms were fused (lines 24-25). Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.