The passage provides information that most helps to answer which one of the following questions?

Ava on February 8 at 03:14AM

Answer choice A

I understand where in the text the correct answer is pointing to (lines 23-24). However, can someone explain why answer choice A is wrong? I thought that lines 7-12 provided some evidence for this question, but obviously not as much as the correct answer choice. Nevertheless, it would be useful to see an explanation of why answer choice A is wrong. Thanks in advance!

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Shunhe on February 8 at 05:20PM

Hi @shafieiava,

Thanks for the question! The question in (A) asks for what areas outside Europe did Spanish-language proverbs currently used in Mexican American communities originate. The lines you pointed to, lines 7-12, tell us that many reached Mexico from peninsular Spain (part of Europe) and other parts of Europe. However, the question is asking about areas outside of Europe, and so we aren’t given any answers to that. Thus, (A) is wrong. The lines you pointed to supporting (E) are the right ones to look at! Hope this helps, and feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.