The passage most strongly suggests which one of the following about the use of proverbs?

shafieiava on February 8, 2020

B versus C

Can someone explain what makes B a better answer choice over C? For answer choice C I thought frequent use in line 26 was sufficient evidence for the answer choice. Furthermore, can someone explain what type of question they would consider this to be? Does most strongly suggest imply that this is an extension question or a must be true question that uses direct text evidence from the passage? This would probably be helpful in knowing why the correct answer is what it is! Thanks in advance!

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shunhe on February 8, 2020

Hi @shafieiava,

Thanks for the question! I would classify this question as a “must be true” question that uses evidence directly from the passage, or is a very obvious inference that must logically follow from the information in the passage, since it’s asking for what the passage “strongly suggests” about the use of proverbs. (B) is the correct answer because we’re told in lines 16-18 that proverb use is shaped by the larger community with which the individual interacts, and (B) follows directly from these lines. (C) is incorrect because although proverbs are used frequently as you pointed out in line 26, we’re not told what the “MOST” frequent use of proverbs is, which makes this answer choice go beyond what the passage tells us. Remember to be careful when you see exaggeratory words like “the most” or “none”; they’re not always wrong, but oftentimes, they tend to make an answer choice too extreme. Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.