Biologists found that off the northeast coast of a certain country the P–plankton population has recently dropped 10 ...

on February 8, 2020

Why is D incorrect?

Can u please explain why D is incorrect?

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Shunhe on February 8, 2020

Hi @ashwinid,

Thanks for your question! The question is asking us for a statement that helps explain most the biologists’ findings. Those findings are twofold: that the p-plankton population has been dropping and the population of certain species of fish is also decreasing. (D) is wrong because it only explains one of the two parts. It gives us insight onto why the fish population is decreasing but doesn’t tell us about why the P-plankton population would be decreasing. (B), on the other hand, gives a reason that both populations might be decreasing, and so is a better answer. Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any further questions that you might have.

on February 8, 2020

Thank you Shunhe. Very clear explanation. I understand the reason for the correct answer choice now.