Medical researcher: Scientists compared a large group of joggers who habitually stretch before jogging to an equal nu...

shafieiava on February 9, 2020

Answer choice C

Can someone explain why answer choice C is incorrect? I thought this would weaken the idea that there is no correlation between stretching and injuries if the rate of injuries is related to another variable. Thanks in advance.

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Skylar on February 9, 2020

@shafieiava, happy to help!

We are looking for the answer choice that will most weaken the argument and the conclusion that "stretching before jogging does not help to prevent injuries."

(C) is incorrect because it actually supports the conclusion drawn in the passage. (C) states that "most jogging injuries result from falls, collisions, and other mishaps on which the flexibility resulting from stretching would have little if any effect." The fact that stretching before jogging would barely if at all affect the category of most jogging injuries suggests that stretching before jogging does not meaningfully help to prevent jogging injuries. This is the conclusion that we are looking to weaken, so (C) is incorrect.

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions!