A recent study confirms that nutritious breakfasts make workers more productive. For one month, workers at Plant A re...

amf on February 9, 2020

D please

Please explain why D is incorrect. It seems to rule out an alternative cause I.e that vacation was why plant A workers had a productivity increase

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shunhe on February 10, 2020

Hi @amf,

Thanks for the question! We’re looking for an answer choice that most strengthens the argument. (D) is wrong because it is out of the scope of the passage. We don’t know anything about a potential relationship between vacation days and productivity. Maybe workers who take more vacation days are more productive because they have more time off. Maybe workers who take more vacation days are less productive because they’re not working as much and when they get back, it’s harder for them to get in the right mindset again. Maybe there is no effect. Since all of these are plausible explanations and we’re not told anything about which one is true, (D) can’t be the answer that most strengthens the argument tying together nutritious breakfasts and worker productivity. Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.