The passage suggests that the author would be most likely to agree with which one of the following statements about t...

Tucker on February 11, 2020

Looking for inference.

Where does it infer subjectivity is required?


Shunhe on February 11, 2020

Hi @Tucker-Sutlive,

Thanks for the question! Take a look at lines 33-40. Dunham had colleagues tell her not to be too involved in the dances for two reasons. The second reason was based on a “long-standing view, now fortunately recognized as unrealistic” (lines 37-38). What was that view? That effective data gathering can and must be conducted from a position of complete detachment, which is stated in the following lines 39-40. Since effective data gathering can’t be conducted from a position of complete detachment, it’s incorrect to assume that data can be gathered in an entirely objective matter (two ways of phrasing the same thing), which is what (D) tells us. That’s why (D) is the right answer. Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Filippo on June 6, 2020

Hi @shunhe, based on what are you saying that "effective data gathering can't be conducted from a position of complete detachment"? Did you assume that or get it from the passage (and if so, could you point me to where you found it)? Thank you so much!