The author uses the word "immediacy" (line 39) most likely in order to express

Shirnel on February 12, 2020

Question 1 as a transitive property

I answered this question correctly however I am uncertain whether I arrived at the answered on the correct manner. Can you please write it out for me as a transitive? I arrived to the answer by using the contrapositive for CL---WF and the S&N condition of FS--LS & No WF Therefore FS--LS & NO WF-- No CL the contrapositive of above CL--WF or No LS--No FS Please help.

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SamA on February 12, 2020

Hello @Shirnel,

I checked your logic here and I don't see any problems. There isn't one correct way to get to the answer, as long as you follow the rules of sufficient and necessary and make proper contrapositives, which you did.

My diagrams looked slightly different, but it doesn't really matter. Diagram in a way that makes the most sense to you.

FS - - - - - > LS & no WF
no LS or WF - - - - - - > no FS

TS - - - - > CL - - - - -> WF - - - - - -> no FS

We are given that a particular specimen has a long stem and curled leaves. There is nothing we can conclude from the long stem, but we can make conclusions based on the curled leaves. We know that it also has white flowers and no fuzzy seeds.