Which one of the following statements most accurately characterizes a difference between the two passages?

Dalaal on February 14, 2020

True v. False

Hi I incorrectly identified the following question stem: The claims made above are compatible with each of the following EXCEPT As a Must be True Except whereas the correct answer treated it as a Could be True Except, could u illustrate why is the stem considered a could be true and not a must be true question? Doesn't compatible indicate a must be true question type?

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AndreaK on February 15, 2020

Hi @Dalaal,

This is a tricky question stem.

"The claims made above are compatible with each of the following EXCEPT"

In other words, we want to look for the one answer choice that is NOT compatible with the stimulus. That means we are looking for a must be false. Because if something isn't compatible with the stimulus, then, we know it can't be true.

When an answer choice IS compatible with the claims above, that means that in at least some circumstances, it could be true. That's not to say it has to be true in every scenario, but it does have to be true in at least one. That's why this doesn't indicate a must be true scenario. To be compatible implies only that in at least one scenario, it could be true...not necessarily that it must be true in all circumstances.

Hope this helps!