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SorooshKosha on February 15, 2020

The last two constraints

Hey there, I got confused on the last two constraints, in which the video explained that Q & T and also S & R cannot be together in the last talk as they accompany each other in their "first talk". However, isn't it possible that (for example) Q accompanies T in an earlier talk and also accompanies T in the last talk (same thing with S & R). I just don't get how they cannot be together in the leadership talk. Thank you in advance!

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Irina on February 16, 2020


I am not sure where in the video this inference is made, but this is incorrect. In fact, S & R and Q &T could go together twice:

S. Q. X. S. Q
R T. X. R. T

is a perfectly valid scenario.

SorooshKosha on March 11, 2020

Thanks a lot !