If the zinnias are shipped third, how many of the eight kinds of flowers are there that could be the kind that is shi...

on February 17, 2020

I'm missing something. I either get 2 or 4 as my answer.

Please help me understand the correct answer. Thanks!

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on February 18, 2020

Hello @ashwinid,

We know that the Sunflowers and Orchids must be shipped before the Zinnias, so we can start here:

S O Z _ _ _ _ _

Which flowers can be shipped 4th, immediately after the Zinnias? It helps to start by thinking of the flowers that cannot be 4th.

Can L? No, because Z - L.
Can M? No, because T - M

We have now eliminated S, O, Z, L, M from the 4th spot.
This leaves us with 3 flowers: R V T
I don't see any reason why these 3 cannot be 4th. This is why B is the correct answer.