If the zinnias are shipped third, how many of the eight kinds of flowers are there that could be the kind that is shi...

ashwinid on February 17, 2020

I'm missing something. I either get 2 or 4 as my answer.

Please help me understand the correct answer. Thanks!

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SamA on February 18, 2020

Hello @ashwinid,

We know that the Sunflowers and Orchids must be shipped before the Zinnias, so we can start here:

S O Z _ _ _ _ _

Which flowers can be shipped 4th, immediately after the Zinnias? It helps to start by thinking of the flowers that cannot be 4th.

Can L? No, because Z - L.
Can M? No, because T - M

We have now eliminated S, O, Z, L, M from the 4th spot.
This leaves us with 3 flowers: R V T
I don't see any reason why these 3 cannot be 4th. This is why B is the correct answer.