If the glee club pays cash today to rent the equipment it needs for next Saturday's party, its usual rental agency wi...

sprozes on February 17, 2020

Why E?

Why is E correct?

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shunhe on February 18, 2020

Hi @sprozes,

Thanks for the question! Let’s take a look at this argument. Basically, the glee club can either pay today or next week to rent equipment. If it pays today, it’s cheaper. But it’s not paying today. Thus, the narrator concludes, the committee involved in these decisions cares little about saving money. What’s a necessary assumption here? That the glee club can pay today. If it can’t pay today, but is awaiting an influx of cash sometime between now and next Saturday, then it’s not that the committee doesn’t care about saving money, it’s that it just doesn’t have the ability to pay today. This is what (E) tells us. If we negate (E), and there isn’t enough cash available to the glee club, then the argument falls apart.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.