If Janet's lesson is scheduled for the third day, which one of the following could be true?

Regan on February 18 at 02:20AM


My book says the answer is C, but all things considered, Una has to be last, therefore, Henry can't be scheduled after Una. The answer is D. Right? Tom's lesson is scheduled for a later day than Henry's.

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Andrea on February 18 at 09:41AM

Hi @ReganMc,

For some reason, I'm having trouble seeing the question on my end. Do you know what test this game is from, and which question in the game? I'll try looking it up another way!

Thank you!

Regan on February 18 at 10:07AM

October 1994 - logic games - question 5

Shunhe on February 18 at 05:16PM

Hi @ReganMc,

Thanks for the question! The answer is actually (C) for this one. Una doesn’t have to be last, actually. I won’t recreate the entire setup, but if you’d like that, let me know. For now, let’s put Janet in block 3.

_ _ J _ _ _

Now is there a way to put U in so that she’s not last? Well, let’s try putting her in block 5.

_ _ J _ U _

Now note that S has to be in the fourth slot and G has to be in the first slot.

G _ J S U _

We know that H has to go after J, so H is in the last slot, and that leaves T for the second slot. This configuration doesn’t violate any rules, and we have a case in which H comes after U, so (C) is correct.


(D), on the other hand, can’t be true. T can’t come after H, because either H is in the last position, or U is in the last position, assuming G is in slot 1. If G is in slot 2, then we have

_ G J _ S _

And we know that U has to be in the last slot as well, and that H has to follow J, which forces T to be in the first slot.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Regan on February 18 at 05:57PM

Shoot! I see it now. Thanks for breaking it down.