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on February 18, 2020

Question 4 from the video on Main Point Questions

I chose B that Mark had missed the party because he forgot. It seemed to me that everything else in that statement was opinion.

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on February 19, 2020

Hello @cglee,

It is true that Mark missed the party because he forgot about it. However, this is not the main point. This is a statement in support of the main point.

Main point: It was wrong of Mark to tell his mother that an accident prevented him from making it to the party.
Because Mark simply forgot about the party, and it is wrong to say something that is false.

It is not really a matter of what is an opinion and what isn't. We need to pay attention to the conclusion and the premises. In this case, everything after the first sentence is support for the claim that Mark was in the wrong by saying he was in an accident.

on July 7, 2020

Missing Conclusion Drill Question:
P: A--->X
P: X exists
P: X--->B
C: ?
I did a chain, I found that "X" was my common variable. Chain was: A--->X--->B
I know if I have A that is sufficient for the necessary X, I also know that X is sufficient to give me the necessary B. My thought was the conclusion would be A--->B, the weird part for me is I know B exists because of the sufficient being X. How far off base am I in my reasoning?