Which one of the following questions is explicitly addressed in the passage?

on February 18 at 09:40PM

Please Explain

Please explain why D is the correct answer choice?

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on February 19 at 12:36AM

Hello @sprozes,

Let's go through these answer choices, and I will show you where I found support for D.

A. The comparison between these confession types was meant to demonstrate that the psychological phenomenon mentioned in paragraph 5 applies to both. There was no comparison of the consideration given by jurors.

B. We were never given the rules for offering incentives.

C. The author seems to believe that neither type of testimony is particularly reliable, as both of them can be tied to incentives.

D. See line 16: "One recent study concluded that lying informants are rarely prosecuted and therefore have much to gain and little to lose by testifying falsely."

E. We don't know if some jurors are more able than others to discern if a victim is lying.