If Mitchell appears first, then which one of the following must be true?

JakeT on February 19, 2020

Please explain why C is correct over A

I can see how C is correct, but also I see how A could be correct. Can someone please explain why answer choice A is wrong? Thanks.

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SamA on February 19, 2020

Hello @JakeT,

A is wrong because G can also be 4th.

If you made a sequencing chain based on the rules, you will see that G must have 3 variables in front of it (when the M-P rule is triggered, which it is in this case because M is first). These variables are H, L, and M.

Here is an example of how A could be false.


Do you see anything wrong with this?
P and L are both before J.
L and M are both before G.
M is before P, so H is before G.

All conditions are satisfied, so A does not have to be true.