Does the position of a car driver's seat have a significant impact on driving safety? It probably does. Driving posit...

shafieiava on February 19, 2020


I'm having trouble identifying the conclusion here I thought it was the part mentioned in the question stem. Can someone point out the conclusion here and what indicates that it is the conclusion? Thanks in advance.

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shafieiava on February 19, 2020

Is the conclusion here - "it probably does"?

Ravi on February 19, 2020


Let's take a look at (A) and (E).

(A) says, "trampolines cause injuries to a significant number of
people using them"

The problem with (A) is that although the first speaker would agree
with this statement, the second speaker never addresses how many
injuries cause. She only speaks about trampoline-related injuries.
Thus, we can't conclude that the two speakers disagree about this
statement, so (A) is out.

(E) says, "trampoline use is an activity that warrants mandatory
professional supervision"

(E) captures the physician's conclusion well, and the trampoline
enthusiast begins by stating, "I disagree." The two speakers certainly
disagree about whether or not professional supervision should be
required for trampoline use. Thus, (E) is the correct answer choice.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions!

shafieiava on February 24, 2020

@Ravi it looks like the explanation you gave above is for a different question! I asked about Question 22 on Test 65 section 1 - and the question concerns driving position & safety, not trampolines. Thanks in advance!