Which one of the following programs CANNOT be ranked third?

anglaw on February 19, 2020

Why not V

Couldn't it be V for the same reason it could be P

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Irina on February 20, 2020


This is a CANNOT be true question, so we are asked to identify which program cannot be third.
The rules allow us to determine the following order of the programs:

>J > Q
H > S !=7
> V

Per this diagram, we can see that the highest P could be ranked is 4th - H J Q P, meaning P cannot be third (E) (same is true of S but it is not one of the answer choices). V on the other hand cannot be 1st or 2d but can be third - H > L > V is a valid order, resulting in the following complete ranking:


Let me know if this makes sense or if you have any other questions.