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Delaena on February 21, 2020

LSAT Diagnostic Score

Hi! I just took this diagnostic test for the first time, and I've so far done pretty minimal studying (I'm currently up to the first S&N lesson). I got a 147. Is this an okay score to be starting out with? I know it isn't great, but I'm hopeful that actually completing the entire LSATMax course will help me raise my score.

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on February 23, 2020

Hello @delaenajoy,

Because you are just getting familiar with the test, a 147 is nothing to worry about. That is pretty normal for your first practice test, and now you can set a goal to break 150.

As you progress through the lessons, I expect that you will improve your score significantly. You gave me the impression that you have some time before your test. I would wait 2 weeks before your next full-length practice test (maybe 1 week if your test is in March). It is important to take a lot of practice tests, but you want to make them as realistic as possible. Prepare for it by watching video lessons and doing practice questions. I am confident that you will beat 147, and maybe 150. Then, you set a higher goal and do it all again.