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delaenajoy on February 21, 2020

LSAT Diagnostic Score

Hi! I just took this diagnostic test for the first time, and I've so far done pretty minimal studying (I'm currently up to the first S&N lesson). I got a 147. Is this an okay score to be starting out with? I know it isn't great, but I'm hopeful that actually completing the entire LSATMax course will help me raise my score.

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SamA on February 23, 2020

Hello @delaenajoy,

Because you are just getting familiar with the test, a 147 is nothing to worry about. That is pretty normal for your first practice test, and now you can set a goal to break 150.

As you progress through the lessons, I expect that you will improve your score significantly. You gave me the impression that you have some time before your test. I would wait 2 weeks before your next full-length practice test. It is important to take a lot of practice tests, but you want to make them as realistic as possible. Prepare for it by watching video lessons and doing practice questions. I am confident that you will beat 147, and maybe 150. Then, you set a higher goal and do it all again.

delaenajoy on February 23, 2020

Hi, thank you! I felt pretty good about the score, but just wanted to confirm with an expert that it was a decent score to be starting out with.

I do have plenty of time to prepare for the LSAT currently, as I'm not taking the test until August. Are the diagnostic tests listed in the curriculum what you mean by another full-length practice test?

Thanks again, I really appreciate all of the help.

SamA on February 25, 2020


You should feel good about it! It's a good start. Now you should aim high.

Yes, I mean diagnostic tests, or any of the 88 tests that we have on file. By full-length I mean 4 or 5 timed sections, simulating real test conditions as closely as possible. Some practice tests don't have a 5th experimental section, but I don't think that's a big deal. I practiced exclusively with 4 sections, and test day adrenaline got me through the 5th.

delaenajoy on March 6, 2020

Thank you! I really appreciate the responses, I'll make sure to take practice exams frequently.