According to the passage, one's gaining greater expertise in a field appears to result in

devinjax14 on February 21, 2020

Why isn't the answer E?

Why not E?

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SamA on February 24, 2020

Hello @devinjax14,

I believe the answer we are looking for is in the second paragraph. Why does the author bring up "greater expertise in a field?" It is an analogy for gaining greater expertise in one's own thoughts. When this happens, people do not realize that they are making inferences. They believe they are directly perceiving information.

Do the experts rely less on their emotions and sensations? No. See line 47: "the psychologists suggest that we are somehow able to base our inferences about what we are thinking on internal cognitive activity that is not itself thought - e.g. fleeting and instantaneous sensations and emotions." This is why E is incorrect.