Rumored declines in automobile–industry revenues are exaggerated. It is true that automobile manufacturers' share of ...

Henleys on February 23, 2020

Can you explain B?

Trying to understand how this weakens. They seem to add up to 100 if you do the math. How would that work? Is talking about each one individually? Thanks, Steve

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Annie on February 28, 2020

Hi @Henleys,

This question is not asking you which answer choice weakens the argument. Rather, in a unique phrasing, it is essentially asking you to pick the answer choice which explains why the argument is flawed.

You are correct that they all add up to 100. The argument is discussing a decline in automobile-industry revenues, but then only gives us numbers for the same industry's revenues. It's buried in the argument, but essentially the statistics are simply for how the automobile industry breaks down itself, it is not comparing the automobile industry to other industries.

(B) is correct because it points out that these numbers are meaningless when it comes to showing if automobile industry revenues have declined. Rather, it simply shows how revenues have shifted within the automobile industry.